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It’s Been a Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!



We had a great day here in North Attleborough.  It started with homemade popovers and strawberries for breakfast.  Then I had a terrific photo session withmy niece Abby.  She loves to dress in her Western attire and I love to have a new model around.  Abby was very excited to help me create some portraits for an upcoming image competition.  After a couple of visits to Arizona in recent years she’s found a love of all things Western.  She dreams of owning a horse some day and is happy for any opportunity to wear her cowboy boots and authentic Western hat.

Following a session where I’m sure I got several images to enter, the family headed to Downtown North Attleborough for the annual Chocolate Lovers Stroll.  What could be better than visiting our local small businesses, chatting with the owners and forging connections within our community?  As long as you had a hat and gloves the cold wasn’t toobad.  And the snow was perfectly decorative as it fell like dandelion fluff from the sky.  As if on cue, the snow picked up in earnest around 2:30, just as we headed home.  A perfect day for sure.

I hope every day is Valentine’s Day in your home and that you’re spending today with someone you love.  I sure did!


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