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It’s Been a Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!



We had a great day here in North Attleborough.  It started with homemade popovers and strawberries for breakfast.  Then I had a terrific photo session withmy niece Abby.  She loves to dress in her Western attire and I love to have a new model around.  Abby was very excited to help me create some portraits for an upcoming image competition.  After a couple of visits to Arizona in recent years she’s found a love of all things Western.  She dreams of owning a horse some day and is happy for any opportunity to wear her cowboy boots and authentic Western hat.

Following a session where I’m sure I got several images to enter, the family headed to Downtown North Attleborough for the annual Chocolate Lovers Stroll.  What could be better than visiting our local small businesses, chatting with the owners and forging connections within our community?  As long as you had a hat and gloves the cold wasn’t toobad.  And the snow was perfectly decorative as it fell like dandelion fluff from the sky.  As if on cue, the snow picked up in earnest around 2:30, just as we headed home.  A perfect day for sure.

I hope every day is Valentine’s Day in your home and that you’re spending today with someone you love.  I sure did!


A883-4457A883-4479A883-4447A883-4496 Photobombers Show Off Their New Socks!


Our Chocolate Loving Strollers


Celebrate the Joy of Family…& bring LOVE to desperate CHILDREN!

Deb 2014 Poster Front
During September we will participate with an elite group of photographers around the country in a very special family portrait promotion.  Throughout the month we will celebrate “Family Portrait Month”, a wonderful opportunity for you to update your family portrait (or portraits of your children) and help to support Dando Amor, a non-profit charity, founded by photographers and dedicated to improving the lives of orphans living in deplorable conditions in the developing world.

During September we will donate $50 of your session fee to Dando Amor, which makes regular service trips to orphanages in Quito, Ecuador, Burkina Faso-Africa and Haiti.  In 2013 Dando Amor opened its own orphanage in Quito, Ecuador.  The charity also provides volunteers who raise funds for it to experience “a different kind of vacation”, so they can be personally involved in helping orphans live better and fuller lives.  Volunteers have taken part in hands-on activities ranging from repairing facilities, building classrooms, and replacing sewer systems, to purchasing vital furnishings and fixtures such as cribs, beds, mattresses, as well as everyday necessities that American children take for granted.

We also believe that Family Portrait Month is a wonderful way to teach children the value of reaching out to others.  Even small children can understand the importance of Dando Amor’s work, and they are eager to help these needy children.

We hope you will join us in helping to make this vital work possible.  Don’t forget that the holiday season is right around the corner, so there’s no better time for a family portrait, which always is appreciated as gifts for family and friends and as holiday greeting cards.

To learn more about the charity log on to  To reserve your session or to learn more about Family Portrait Month, contact us at 508.761.5220.

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Vacation 2014


Ally’s Favorite Photo of the Week

We returned from a weeklong road trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country last Saturday night.  Everyone was happy for their own beds, but sad that the week had flown by so quickly.  Sunday was unpacking day.  Afterwards Ally & Maddy started sorting through all the brochures, photos and souvenirs collected in The Crayola Factory, Hershey Park, Amish country, Hershey Factory, Gettysburg and Harrisburg.  What to do with these memories?  They decided to scrapbook all of their treasures, so they could relive the trip anytime they’d like.  We loaded digital images onto the computer and started choosing the favorites so we could order prints.  Scrapbooking began in earnest on Monday.  Armed with double-sided tape squares, scissors, and a collection of scrapbooking backgrounds we’ve amassed over the years from various school projects they began cutting out logos and sticking brochures on pages.  Now, a week later, they’ve just about finished up their books and are already having fun admiring their work.

Their project forced me to upload all my photos, plus the ones on my iPhone, plus their iPods, phones, and cameras, to the computer.  They’ve been culled, edited and ordered.  It’s quite a project to get to the finished product.  But when I think about it, even though I enjoy the act of capturing the images in the moment, the real reason I do it is so we can enjoy the images again and again later.  And I don’t mean only when the kids are bored while waiting for a table at a restaurant so I pull out my iPhone.  I mean so that on rainy days when the girls once again notice the cubby full of albums in the living room they can pull a book out and flip through it.  Before you know it they’ve pulled 4×6 prints out to check the captions on the back, and come searching for Izzy  and I to show us something they’d totally forgotten until they saw the photo again.

This is why I lug my camera around when we go for a day trip.  I suspect it’s why many people take photos, so they can capture the moment to revisit later.  Unfortunately I think these days we forget that all-important last step in truly making a photograph into a memory.  Even if you just plug your phone into the kiosk at CVS and order prints from there, at least you’ll have something tangible to handle and share and show off…even if your phone tragically goes for a swim one day and never returns!

So here we are, Pennsylvania is already a week behind us, and we can look back on the sites and events that made our family vacation such a wonderful time!


Hallway at Harrisburg PA State House

Maddy’s Favorite Image of the Week