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High School Seniors Rule!

June is bearing down quickly, especially for those of us who are parents of a high school senior, or two…

Last summer was the time for Class of 2017 students to be photographed for yearbook and senior portraits.  It was a bittersweet time as I worked with children I’ve known most of their lives through our daughters.  They’re all so grown up compared to the snapshots in my head.  Chaperoning field trips, birthday parties, teacher appreciation lunches, attending middle school band concerts when “Hot Cross Buns” was the first official song they performed, high school marching band at football games, parades and competitions.  And now they are all young adults, ready to leave for school in the Fall and take on the world.  And they’re less than thirty days from closing this chapter.  Whew…

As the trees finally bloom and the weather should logically warm up, I turn to the Class of 2018 for their senior portraits.  Some will be happy just to have one great image for yearbook, their living room wall, and grandma.  Others will want to bring their hockey stick, drum sticks, AND their pointe shoes.  Why? Because these are part of what makes them unique.  And they want to feel like a super model for a day as we run through multiple outfit changes and even locations.  All of this culminating in a gorgeous photo collage or album that they’ll treasure even more twenty years from now.

So, for those ready to walk across that stage, consider one last high school portrait in your cap and gown at our studio.  Mini sessions are available through May, before you decorate your mortar board.  And for those heading into their senior year, schedule your portrait session now, and create the images you want to remember, with a photographer who won’t call you “Number 105″.

The Spring & Summer season book up quickly since there’s only so many sunrises and sunsets to catch that “magic hour” of golden light.

Visit our Contact Page or call the studio at 508-761-5220 today!

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Catching Up & Celebrating Birthdays

Here is my first official blog posting on my new website,and with my super cool journal style blog page!  Reminds me of the first day of school with all those wonderfully clean, neat notebooks just waiting to be written in.  So much potential.  Soon the notebooks are crumpled at the edges, your friends have written notes on the covers, and they’re still great because now they contain fun memories…  My blog won’t wrinkle or get raggedy edges, but I intend that the things written on the pages will be worth the effort.  Here’s hoping!

So, today is our daughters’ fifteenth birthday!  They’ve been surprising us since the very beginning.  Arriving 13 weeks early, at well under 2 pounds each, it was a nail biter all the way until their discharge from Women &Infants Hospital on June 11th, 2 days after their due date.  Nothing puts the rest of life into perspective the way an uncertain future for your children will.  Some days were notable for little steps forward, some for setbacks.  All of the days contained support and prayers from friends, family, medical providers, and the other families who shared B-Bay and were in the same boat.  If you think this experience won’t shape the way you look at your children and your priorities you’d be mistaken.

Today I pulled out the album of photos from their first months of life.  There are some blurry pictures, some a bit oddly colored from the hospital lighting, and many that bring me right back to the smells, sounds and feelings of those 91 days.  I would not trade any of those images for anything in the world.  The girls’ unexpected birth, and battle for every little ounce and breath have shaped my philosophy, and our priorities at the Bettencourt home.  Family has always been important to me.  But now I also understand and respect the fragility of life and how quickly things can change.  Sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

Photographing life’s events, big and small, builds my family’s legacy and lets them know how much they are treasured, even when I forget to tell them.  Adding to the legacy of your family through photography is just as important to me.  I thought this might provide a little insight into what’s behind Deb Bettencourt Photography’s philosophy.  Hope it was worth your time.

Off to enjoy some cake and ice cream and celebrate the first fifteen years of adventure!