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Jun 14, 2015 - Business, Promotions    No Comments

Are You in Love with Your Headshot?


A good profile picture is essential these days for social media, for business cards and your website.  People want to see who they’re choosing to do business with.  Everyone has heard the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  Luckily there are times in our lives that we get to bend that a bit.  There’s the friend you disliked at first meeting but since  you hung around with the same people you had a chance to get to know them and slowly came around to liking them.  This story could even apply to the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with.  But, when asked how you got together I bet the story includes the details of what you thought of the person upon meeting them.  Even when we come around to a different opinion that first impression is indelibly stamped in our memories.  Now, take thatscenario and move it into a business or online social setting.  You’re conducting a job search and are reaching out to colleagues and their connections.  How quickly will those not-yet-met folks judge whether to engage or not?  Most likely they’ll click on your LinkedIn profile and first thing they look for is your profile picture.  Even IF they choose to continue reading about your experience and accomplishments it’s through the filter of your photograph.  Does your profile photo reflect the best of you?  Pleasant expression, appropriate attire for your profession, confident posture?  If not it could be holding you back without your knowing it.  And who hasn’t heard the outcry about employers who check on FaceBook  before hiring someone new?  It may not be fair or right but it’s human nature and the way things are.  Give these people a great first impression with a professionally done headshot or business portrait  (and then be sure there are no drunken snapshots with your tongue hanging out!).

Consider updating your headshot every four years or so.  Hair styles change, clothing styles change, WE change.  Be sure your photograph represents who you are these days, not ten years ago.  Even if that was the best photo ever taken of you!  And don’t be tempted to use a selfie or smart phone picture.  A professional photographer knows how to pose, light and engage you to bring out genuine expressions and capture you at your best.  Then they know how to deliver image files or prints that are ready to use.

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When Is It Time to Update Your Business Portrait?

LoveYourHeadshot-CanvaSHOPHow often should I update my headshot?

Your business portrait, or “headshot”, is frequently the first impression your potential clients get of you.  Doesn’t it make sense that it’s a current likeness of you?  If you haven’t changed your photo in many years you risk souring a potential client’s first impression if they’re busy thinking that you look nothing like the photo they’ve seen.  Is that what you want as you’re shaking hands and introducing yourself?  Probably not.

Plan to update your photo every two years, give or take.  If you’ve altered your hair cut, color, or facial hair style significantly, or had an appreciable weight change, you might want to consider redoing your portrait sooner.

Go check out your image on social networking sites, business cards and your website.  Does it accurately represent how you look today and how you’d like to look?  If not, take the opportunity to pamper yourself with a hair and makeup session and go into the portrait session feeling your best.  That confidence will shine through and that’s what potential clients and business partners want to see!

If you have business associates or friends who might be ready for a new portrait you can share this Post with them.